Lixit 64 Wide Mouth All Weather Water Bottle for Rabbits (Pack of 1)


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Lixit wide mount bottle for easy filling or cleaning and includes a stainless steel double ball-point tube. Durable, heavy duty, weather resistant bottle. Ideal for ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbits, use on outdoor cages. Comes in 64-ounce capacity. "All normal bottles (excluding top fill) have to be filled completely full. Yes they need to check for the yellow gasket. Ideally, they fill completely full, tighten cap, BEFORE, turning over to hang they should squeeze bottle slightly and force a small spurt of water out. Then turn over to hang. It is very important that the support wire and the bail wire are both used. If a customer just rests on a wire there is too much weight on the neck of cap and it will allow air in."